An open letter of thanks to our Emulsion Kickstarter backers

You all have your own personal reasons for backing the Emulsion commissions (both this edition, and those who supported Emulsion V), your support means everything to us, you have our deepest gratitude!

Believe it or not I don’t like organising a new music project/festival (even with the very excellent support of Tom Harrison in the last few years!!!). I do it because… I have to.

You spend a lot of time in your own head as a musician… it’s necessary (practice, writing etc), but if you’re not careful, the gremlins attack! Making music is a special communication, a language… and a language can’t exist in one individual, it exists between people. Making Emulsion happen is just an extension of what I do with my own band really… cultivating an interesting place to let music happen.

Tom and I put a lot of time into thinking about the personalities we bring to Emulsion and supporting the musicians we look up to ourselves is a big part of this, which is why we’re so thrilled we are now able to commission Nikki Iles and Robert Mitchell for Emulsion VI, two icons of creative music making – both highly artistic, dedicated and gracious in all that they do.

Emulsion V was a glorious, if intense day! So much wonderful energy came out of it… and I know Emulsion VI will be just as special… except spread across two days this time!

Once again, thank you all so much in helping us realise our vision for this edition of Emulsion.

Over and Out!