Trish clowes & ross stanley

Journey to Where
Coming out on Stoney Lane Records on March 8th 2024, pre-order on Bandcamp
1st single Ashford Days out now

As Leader

Ninety Degrees Gravity
Released on Basho Records, 2019

And in the night-time she is there
Released on Basho Records, 2012

Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian

Welcome Party
Released on NMC Recordings, 2021
Appearing on ‘Muted Lines’, playing tenor saxophone

Joe Cutler

Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii
Released on Birmingham Record Company/NMC Recordings, 2020
Appearing on ‘Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii’, playing tenor and soprano saxophones

Released on NMC Recordings, 2018
Appearing on ‘Karembeu’s Guide to the Complete Defensive Midfielder’ – soprano saxophone & MD of Emulsion Sinfonietta

Orchestra of the Swan

Released on Signum Classics, 2021
Appearing on ‘La Rotta’ (Anon arr. David Le Page), ‘Bounce’ (Clowes), & ‘See Emily Play’ (Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett, playing tenor and soprano saxophones

Released on Signum Classics, 2021
Appearing on ‘Sleep 1’, playing tenor saxophones

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Trish Clowes is a Vandoren UK artist, using Vandoren reeds

Trish is an ambassador for the charity forRefugees