Taster for Wigmore Hall on March 1st

This blog post is just to give you readers an idea of what I’m going to be playing at Wigmore Hall on Wednesday March 1st. I’ll be joined on stage by MY IRIS, cellist Louise McMonagle, vocalist/harper Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian, and violinist Mandhira De Saram.

First up, this is a short clip of Ross Stanley’s ‘Ashford Days’, taken from our duo livestream at Wigmore Hall in April 2021.

Then here’s a playlist on YouTube of recordings of some of the music we’ll be playing… kicking of with some Jimi Hendrix…


And finally, here’s a little clip of me playing the through the intro for one of the pieces I’ve arranged…This kinda sound world will be bubbling under some words read out by Cevanne… Think string tremolos, edgy guitar, stopped piano strings, sax multiphonics, mallets on floor toms with rumbling intensity…

See you there…?!