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  • Taster for Wigmore Hall on March 1st

    This blog post is just to give you readers an idea of what I’m going to be playing at Wigmore Hall on Wednesday March 1st. I’ll be joined on stage by MY IRIS, cellist Louise McMonagle, vocalist/harper Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian, and violinist Mandhira De Saram. First up, this is a short clip of Ross Stanley’s ‘Ashford […]

  • Field recordings & music video projects from my GSMD students…

    After Christmas, all my teaching at Guildhall School of Music and Drama went online again… As a way to get everyone making things, and getting outside, I set some of them the task of capturing some audio and visual footage in their area, and turning it into some kind of music video. The students shared […]

  • Listening!

    I just thought I’d share some things that my ears have been loving recently… First up is a new album from bassist-composer-producer Michael Olatuja called ‘Lagos Pepper Soup’, available here: An incredible vision for an album, and soooo much joy. Here’s a video of one of the tracks called ‘Soki’ which features legends Dianne […]

  • Spotted online… great interview with conductor Holly Mathieson

    I worked with Holly in November with the BBC Concert Orchestra. She’s just done an interview for a fab new website called Swap’ra… enjoy her eloquent prose!

  • Muted Lines (and Tap Dance)

    Last year I commissioned Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian to write for My Iris (my band) and the Emulsion Sinfonietta. The new work ‘Muted Lines’ appears on my latest album ‘My Iris’, was toured during January and received its full-scale premiere at Emulsion V on January 27th 2017. For some time now I have been meaning to put […]

  • Latest investigations…

    Here’s a few things I’ve been investigating this week… Joanne Brackeen – Six Ate, with Billy Hart & Cecil McBee… and this video (thanks Nikki Iles) with Joe Henderson, Kim Clarke and Keith Killgo And Joe Henderson’s quartet with Kim Clarke, Renee Rosnes & Sylvia Cuenca Trois preludes et fugues – Marcel Dupre (thanks Ross Stanley)… […]

  • Mike Walker’s new blog

    Maverick, guitarist, composer and poet Mike Walker has a new blog! You may remember my ‘Under Your Wing’ project with Mike from 2014 (which I hope we will revisit very soon…) and the interview I did with him when he was raising funds for his ‘Ropes’ project: Enjoy!