September News

MY IRIS have now recorded a new album at Livingston Studios in north London (see photos below)… and now we’re in the mixing phase… I can’t announce much more at this stage, but I am very excited about what we got down, and I can’t wait to share it with you all in due course. People coming along to our gig in Sheffield on October 22nd will get a sneak preview!

In the meantime, I’m involved in a very different type of album release… On November 19th, Orchestra of the Swan’s new album ‘Labyrinths’ is coming out on Signum Classics. I’m playing on three of the tracks, one of which is a new piece of mine called ‘Bounce’ (for strings and solo sax). I will be appearing live with the orchestra on November 16th in Stratford-Upon-Avon, and November 26th in Coventry (see my dates page for more details).

Finally, I’m going to be playing a duo gig with cellist Louise McMonagle – some of you might remember we were supposed to play at Punkt Birmingham last year. We’re playing in a double bill on November 25th at the Hexagon Theatre within Mac Birmingham, a night that is being promoted by the legend who is Tony Dudley-Evans.

I have loads more on the horizon after Christmas, a few of the dates are up, but there are many more to come… I’ll leave you with a few photos by Daniel Devlin from my trio gig at the Crypt in Camberwell with Chris Montague and Ross Stanley back in August – absolutely adore playing at that venue.